Love is a good thing, but some women are getting married a foreigner only because they want to move to the country of residence of a husband and get the appropriate citizenship.
The husband of course can help her. Gaining the right to enter the USA with a fiancée visa can be done quickly but only under certain quotas. The number of foreign spouses entering the country cannot exceed a certain ceiling. The average number of spouses entering the United States is around 54,000.
Exactly how many of them are not driven by love and only have the desire to acquire a resident status is difficult to say: someone else's soul is the darkness. Certainly, the majority of the Ukrainian and Russian women are marrying men from the USA hope to obtain their happy family lives. But there is another category.

It is just enough to read these women’s profiles, how they try to prove their willingness to marry an American - and it becomes clear that they are not looking for love.
On an average from the wedding day until receiving a green card takes three months. After that a foreign spouse has the right to apply for permanent residence. There are two types of permanent resident cards – conditional 1 and conditional 2. The second card can be obtained in 2.5 years. After 5 years of living at the USA and being married the same husband a lady from Ukraine or Russia can become a US citizen.
So, the percent of women who immigrate to the United States through a marriage, with the help of international agencies, is less than 26 % of all immigrants.
The remaining 74 % of citizens around the world who marry Americans, get acquainted through more traditional ways, such as during the holidays or vacation , at work or while studying, training and taking leisure trips.