The authors of this research gave men –visitors of dating and marriage agencies an anonymous questionnaire with a direct question: why don't you want to get married an American wife? And the most common response was - foreign wives are much more suited to family life, and most importantly, they are faithful to family traditions.
First, when going through a dating or marriage agency in search of a wife, a n American citizen is looking for a woman with traditional values . The average American woman does not care about marriage and how to give men happiness. Her main concern is education, building a career, personal development and to meet the diverse interests of her own. A woman in Eastern Europe has submitted information about herself in an international marriage or dating agency that she is happy to be a housewife and does not require anything else than her husband, home, children, and tending to keep a house.
At least this is what American men want to believe.

Secondly, based on the responses of the questionnaires, researchers concluded that dating and marriage agencies are mostly used by men who had previous negative experiences of marriage or a long relationship. By selecting a wife in a lightweight way (because actually Ukrainian and Russian girls offer themselves to dating sites) men hope they will continue their dominant position in the future and that they will select and specify the family life, and she with conceded and agree with gratitude.
Third, concluding cross -cultural marriage, a man hopes that such a marriage would be stronger and that his foreign wife will love and appreciate him and with less enthusiasm will enjoy the chance to diversify relations (flirting and adultery) .
Fourth, is a young age. According to the survey, only 10 percent of mixed marriages are more or less close in age; one spouse is under or older by 4-6 years. In 90% of cases, the difference in age is 20-50 years.