In New York a week of fashion is being finished where the best designers of the USA presented their image of the newest fashion season. Fashion is like an acid test – an economical and financial crisis is always followed by a splash of love to glamour and femininity. And this splendor is presented on American podiums by Ukrainian and Russian girls.
Bright shop-windows are one of the visiting cards of New York. But not many of those who found themselves here even casts a thought that eyes of girls from Ukraine and Russia look at us from advertisement photos behind glass. Work in this city is considered to be a top of career and there are more and more Ukrainians among them. In New York now work up to 20 thousands of Russian-speaking models, but only every tenth has a constant contrast with an agency, a guaranteed job. All the rest live here at their own risk, daily camping on the doorstep of fashion houses.

Appearance with mixed features gives beauties from Ukraine unique abilities for transfiguration. The more images one expresses the more are the chances for success. Ukrainian models are also hard-working, according to public apprehension. They seldom refuse contracts and are able to work flat out for hours on a location.
Probably that is a Slavic character that explains the fact that among 50 best world models approximately one third are Russian speaking. A success of Ukrainian girls is now called a new wave of the vogue of Slavic appearance. The first one was after the revolution, the second was after the fall of the Soviet union, and the third one is in in full swing. And present-day conquerors of New York believe sincerely that their enigmatic beauty captivated this city for a long time.